Classic Bugs Bunny Quotes

Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive. - Bugs Bunny

OOH! Look at four-legged airplane! - Bugs Bunny

Carrots are devine... You get a dozen for a dime, It's maaaa-gic! - Bugs Bunny

Eeeeeeh, watch me paste that pathetic palooka with a powerful, pachydermous, percussion pitch. - Bugs Bunny

What an embezzle! What an ultramaroon! - Bugs Bunny

I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque! - Bugs Bunny

Don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven...'cause it hasn't! - Bugs Bunny

Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending? - Bugs Bunny

Do you happen to know what the penalty is for shooting a fricaseeing rabbit without a fricaseeing rabbit license? - Bugs Bunny

I wonder what the poor bunnies are doing this season? - Bugs Bunny

Oh, well, we almost had a romantic ending! - Bugs Bunny

My, I'll bet you monsters lead innnnteresting lives. - Bugs Bunny

Of course you realize this means war! - Bugs Bunny

Gee, ain't I a stinker? - Bugs Bunny

Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It's shameful, but...ehhh, it's a living. - Bugs Bunny

I bet you say that to all the wabbits. - Bugs Bunny

For shame, doc. Hunting rabbits with an elephant gun. Why don't you shoot yourself an elephant? - Bugs Bunny

I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law! - Bugs Bunny

Eh, what's up, doc? - Bugs Bunny

Jumpin' without a parachute? Kinda dangerous, ain't it? - Bugs Bunny

If it's the Captain's Mess, let him clean it up. - Bugs Bunny

Hey, I found Nemo! - Bugs Bunny

Shhhhhhhh! I'm about to defy you. - Bugs Bunny

And remember, 'mud' spelled backwards is 'dum'. - Bugs Bunny

Ah, your brother blows bubble gum! - Bugs Bunny

I'll be scared later. Right now I'm too mad. - Bugs Bunny

The way I run this thing you'd think I knew something about it. - Bugs Bunny

Well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. - Bugs Bunny
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  1. this is cool, Bugs Bunny is very funny!

  2. eh *munch munch* what's up, doc? lol yay for bugs bunnyyyy

  3. Many thanks for the walk down memory lane. Bugs is my all time favorite.

  4. You forgot:
    Your muddah rides a vaccum cleanah!

  5. Sometimes when my dog is breathing heavily on me, I'll use that famous Bugs Bunny quote, "Stop breathing on my fur!"

  6. The Brown Vice PresidentNovember 12, 2008 8:10 AM

    "Such an INTERESTING monster should have an INTERESTING hairdo. Bobbypins please."

    Bugs rules.

  7. this is soo funny!
    bugss bunny rocks! my all time fav!!

  8. People, people! How can everyone forget the ultimate best Bugs quote and follow-up line ever?!?!

    "If my friend Rocky was in this oven, do you think I would throw a lighted match in there?"

    "Ahhhhh you might Rabbit, ya might."

  9. Wasn't there one where a little girl gets bunny as a gift? Every pet she gets, she hugs to death. She says a modification of the line "Squishy" "I'm gonna hug him and squeeze him and call him my own". Somebady point me in the right direction, please....

  10. my favorite Bugs Bunny quote is "He put up a good fight ma'am, but clean living won out in the end."

  11. My all time favorite from Bugs - "I know you, I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception."

  12. Marie, that was Elmira, "I'll hug him, and squeeze him, and love him forever"

  13. can anyone tell me which cartoon it was that had the two, i think they were hawks, a pappy and his son elvis, where every time bugs bunny would say four elvis would shoot and most of the time shoot his pa

  14. in Hurdy Gurdy Hare
    he says something
    then hits the gorilla
    & says
    "And another thing. STOP BREATHING IN MY CUP!!"
    lol its a classic
    huge fan :)
    love him
    5 stuffed bugs bunny
    3 dvds full of bugs bunny
    pictures from movie world of bugs bunny.
    dream, live, sleep & eat bugs bunny!
    he can talk himself out of ANYTHING!

  15. One of my all time fav...

    if you cant beat them, join them - bugs bunny

  16. All I have to say is if you hear a profound quote that you like it either came from the Bible, Shakespeare or Bugs Bunny

  17. "well, if it was a train you was after, you must be trying to catch a train, right?"

    And let's not ever forget
    "Babbby!" (snaps fingers)
    "Maybe wecanmakebeautifulmusictogether"
    (as the electric dog track rabbit zooms past real fast)

    All classic!

  18. Where's Rocky? Where's he hiding?"
    "He's not in the stove!"
    "Oh, ho, he's hiding in the stove, eh?"
    "Listen, would I turn on the gas if my friend Rocky were in there?"
    "You might Rabbit, you might."
    "Ok, but would I throw a lighted match inthere,if my friend Rocky were in there."

  19. I'll give you another quote from Bugs...

    "I like dead end signs. They have the decency to tell you that you're goin nowhere."

    :P I miss him.. i wonder where i can get a copy of all he's show.. :))

  20. You have no idea how much I love this. My father loves bug bunny and I grew up watching him laugh through the cartoons.

  21. "be vewy vewy quiet...its WABBIT hunting season!!!! shhhhhhh WABITS!!! dont scare away dah WABBITS!!!

  22. "be vewy vewy quiet...its WABBIT hunting season!!!! shhhhhhh WABITS!!! dont scare away dah WABBITS!!!

  23. Yall forgot the all time best "Hillbilly Hare" LoL!

    Bugs singing the Square Dance song....

  24. fiddle dee,dee, fiddle dee, di! All I see are rainbows in the skkkyyy, oh fiddle dee di!!

    Bugs to Native: Ungah,bungah, bungah
    Native: Ungah,bungah,bungah
    Bugs to Native: Ungah, bingah,bangah,bingah,bangah buuunnngggaaahhh!!
    native screams off mad!!

  25. "Stop steamin' up my tail! Ya wanna wrinkle it or somethin?"

  26. Ya know, I think he's a trickin me?! (Killer is a really smart bird)

  27. How about

    You ...are a mental case!

  28. ur awesome i watch ur show everyday keep up the good show

  29. Bugs Bunny u rock my socks off

  30. Go watch Transylvania 6-5000 right now!

    It's loaded with classics.

  31. "Are you in, genius? Are you in, capable? In, solent? In, describable? In, bearable?..."

  32. "he don't know me very well, do he!"


  34. from a halloween episode where he trick-or-treats at a real witches house dressed up as a witch...

    "shes not very pretty now, but she was somebodys baby once..."

  35. omg bugs bunny is my hero

  36. What about " I don't ask questions,I just have fun!"

  37. -slaps bull- Stop steamin' up my tail! What're ya trying to do, wrinkle it? -Bugs Bunny

  38. Hey doc, have you heard everyone's going carrots for Bugs Bunny?

  39. Bunker Hill Bunny is my most favorite episode cos it's when Bugs uses most of his quotes like "Ah your brother blows bubblegum!"

  40. One of his greatest quotes is
    Eh, you'll be fine if you remember t'ree things. One, your adversaries have tapioca for brains. Two, always eat your carrots. And three, villains always fall for cheesy disguises.

  41. im dissappointed in all of the forgotten quotes especially the best of all time...

    "Hey bub, Whats all the hubbub?"

    What would a child be like if you exposed him to nothing on the radio or television except for only bugs Bunny???

    He would be the most awesome shild in the world and he would ask people how many lumps they would like in their coffee...

  42. I haven't seen:

    "Hoboken? Ooooooo, I'm dying again"

    "Penguins is practically chickens"

  43. "I'll hug him and sqeeze him and call him George"

  44. Yuk it up, Laughing Boy."

  45. I'm going to get you wassky wittle wabbit! -Elmer Fudd

  46. run for the hills folks or you'll be up to your arm pitts in marshians

  47. I use this all the time when I don't have the proper equipment I need: when Bugs tells the MP in front of Fort Knox that he was waiting on a taxi, then an ocean liner shows up (on land) and Bugs says, "but in a spot like this, a boat will do."